His Smile // Karushuu

His Smile // Karushuu

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❝I knew from the minute I saw you, That you were going to change my life.❞

[ Neighbours AU ]

[ This story is 90% written in dialogue only ]

[ Holy shit I spent a century writing this, Kill me. ]

FrootLOUp FrootLOUp Mar 19
They just moved in and dinner's already raedy. DID SONIC MAKE THAT OR WHAT?
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 08
I didn't know the Levi was in this fanfic…
                              Wrong fandom dude
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 08
                              I LIKE READING GAY PORN
                              I said this once and I had to stay with my grandma for a week
When I get home I take out my phone run to my room close the door and turn of my light and read fan find till 2:00 AM
Me: mom, I don't feel good   Mom: its because you're always on that phone!   Me: ...
A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Dec 31, 2016
Because of dat phone.
                              Mom, i'm dying.
                              Because of that phone.
                              Ma'am your son is in a coma.
                              Because of that damn phone.
                              Mom i'm sick.
                              Stay off that damn phone!