"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Goodwitch Fanfic!

"The Grimm Reaper" : A Glynda Goodwitch Fanfic!

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-Remake of "The Reaper Of Grimms"- (It had horrible English, btw)

Glynda Goodwitch, cold-hearted yet beautiful teacher at Beacon. Famous retired huntsman, glorified career filled with missions completed successfully. And yet, she retired at such a young age to teach huntsman and huntresses. Why? Why did Glynda Goodwitch, someone who's strength caught the entirety of Remnant's eyes, suddenly give up her life to live as a teacher? 

Clyde Drakken, a legendary name amongst the huntsmen and huntresses. Notorious mercenary for hire, and yet most mercenaries are blood-hungry wolves. Clyde is more of a lone wolf who refuses to discard his noble heritage. That's right. Noble heritage. He is the son of the now-dead king of Vacuo, Lightning Dragon Drako. 

Can Clyde survive this new and daunting task? And can he outrun his new legacy, "The Grimm Reaper?"

Good story I want to know more about Glynda, Clyde and his past
harris2435 harris2435 Sep 24, 2016
@TysonYang  Maybe Clyde moving into Beacon and is a teacher for scythe weilders only. Just a thought.
harris2435 harris2435 Sep 25, 2016
@TysonYang Well... Um, That's is a coincidence. Did I read your mind or something?