The lonely reaper

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rchelbritman By rchelbritman Updated 4 years ago
Mica is the boy who only wanted a friend. Alana is the girl that only wanted to find her true love but was cut off short. Delilah was the one who wanted to be recognized for who she was. And I, well I'm just screwed beneath all these souls. I'm known as the reaper
Okay I must admit now I am quite confused after reading this chapter...The grammar does not improving, you'll find a great editor at @editorsUNITE. Hope that helps :) I do like the bit at the end on the cloud :)
I like the way you've started this story.
                                    There are a few grammar and punctuation errors you should look out for, but nothing major
                                    Keep writing!
this is really nice and refreshing!! man...this is what i really wanted to read... maybe you could just increase the pace of the story but technically its awesome!!
I read this after you asked if I would.  I found there were a few minor spelling issues, nothing major.  
                                    You have great descriptions, and I can tell you have worked hard on this.
Good story line but as the other people have said, some of your sentences need to be fixed up. Otherwise a good story.
This is amazing! I can't believe you're 12 and wrote something like this! :D
                                    This is really sad but hopefully he'll have a happy ending :)