In Silent Seas We Drown (BEN Drowned XReader)

In Silent Seas We Drown (BEN Drowned XReader)

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Caitlin By andysribcxge Updated Nov 22

You meet you're long lost boyfriend but things aren't exactly the same. Dramatic changes have happened between you two amongst the years he was dead, things you are both unsure about. You find out that you are not the person you thought you were. Your world is crumbling around you and you all have to rely on elemental magic to save you. Water, fire, earth, air and spirit. But what if that's not enough? Is it possible for two monsters to be together for the rest of their internal life?

Warning- Includes sexual references, mild drug use, course language and abuse 

Preview ~ "You can't drown and still be alive. You're not here. None of this is real!" I backed away frantically. Only for him to get closer. "Oh dear" he stroked my cheek with a desolated grin. "Then why does my heart drown every time I see you this way". I hang my head down focusing on the uneven tiles. Then I felt two skinny fingers push my chin up. I stared into his dark bloody eyes fulled with solicitude. Is it possible to love someone when your heart stopped beating? ~

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