Mine {h.s.}

Mine {h.s.}

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"I wasn't supposed to fall for you." I say softly. "Oh but darling, I was meant to fall for you." He whispers, that famous half smirk plastered on his lips.


Throughout all of my years of living in England, I never thought I would fall for him. I, Grey Ryans, was not meant to be with him. He bullied me for years, then I finally left his school and went to a public school, but if I want to graduate high school I have to go to Makuni High School for the rest of my Senior year. He hurt me so bad. So why do I want to be with him? I want to be with him more than I've ever wanted to be with anyone in my life.  I guess we'll just call him mine for now.

JibootyInfiresMe JibootyInfiresMe Sep 18, 2016
how can her nephew drive a car.. He has to still be in middle or elementary school UNLESS he is adopted
JibootyInfiresMe JibootyInfiresMe Sep 18, 2016
Yes. I was bullied when I was in 2nd grade because I only had a dad and not a mom. In 3rd Grade, I started using fists and STOPPED my bullying. SO TO ALL VICTIMS OUT THERE, FIGHTING!
milkybath milkybath Jul 02, 2016
Yes its hard for me tho. Those kids always picked me out cuz im soo ugly and fat plus i didnt have any friend to support me i always cry when i got home but know i feel much better
selenagomezsss selenagomezsss Dec 29, 2016
Having a class with all ur friends, something that never ever happens in real life😂
bananakevin bananakevin Dec 25, 2016
Yes, I was bullied when I Elementary school that moment so hard for me. But now much better 😊
superuper superuper Sep 22, 2016
I haven't read a fanfiction with these guys in it  for a while and just reading their names and seeing their faces in my mind makes me happy 😄💕