Need a Little Love

Need a Little Love

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Esperonza Hollister, a twenty one year old college graduate with a bachelor degree in business. Esperonza also known by Ronza, struggles to forget about her awful past as she tries to find a new living for herself. With her walls built up, she finally got hired in the richest company in the island. There, she once again encountered with the man she had barked at in the café where she worked at as a waitress. She had to swallow her pride and work for the man, her new boss and the CEO of the company. She wanted nothing to do with him but to work and earn money to provide for herself, after all she is independent and very stubborn.

Meet Eric Stanley, the richest man in the island. He got the looks, the women and everything the world could give. He's serious and very cruel when it comes down to business, making him an arrogant and fearless man in the business world. Treats women like dirt and never looks back at them when he's got what he wanted. But that had all changed when two pair of hazel eyes glared at him in one of his favorites café, barking at him for ruining her shirt. Let's just say that Eric was shock to the core. After all, it was the first time a woman had shouted at him, well aside from his mother. From then on, Eric wanted Esperonza. And what he wants is what he will always get, but the only problem was that he found the woman to be very stubborn and very challenging. 

Will Esperonza be able to trust another man? Will she let down her walls she had built up when she was only thirteen?

Will Eric get past Ronza's walls? Would he only look at her as a challenge? Will he find love rather lust over Ronza?

Please read to find out.! 

Beautiful cover made by my #palagiToy @iamtheview1221! Thanks love❤

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