Percy jackson: demigod by birth, avenger raised

Percy jackson: demigod by birth, avenger raised

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36bluedrinks By 36bluedrinks Updated Apr 13, 2017

When Percy Jackson's mother dies when Percy is only three years old (I know :( I love Sally too but it need to happen). Sally's recently engaged bestfriend will come in and pick up the pieces and adopt him from Gabe, along with the man of Iron. 

This story starts when Percy is twelve right after the events at Yancy but with a few changes. First right after Percy over hears that conversation between Brunner and Grover he confronts them and they tell Percy about him being a demigod. Also Pipper and Tony won't know that Percy is a Demigod, Chiron (aka Mr. Brunner) will come in as Percy teacher and tell them that there this really great program for Percy. Same thing happens with the minotaur except Chiron tells him that's the thing that killed his mom because hades was trying to kill Percy. So Percy goes because of the prophecy and revenge. So but after that everything the same with again minor details and during the school year. 

No one will know that Percy is Tony's kid not even the avengers and after I go through the first chapter the second chapter will pick up right after the events of civil war and blood of Olympus. 

Everyone live!

I own nothing

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youdontwantthissmoke youdontwantthissmoke Apr 08, 2017
The picture it's so true! Except the part of who I really am... I am not a mortal, but I do like reading.
Why don’t people just hit the fuqin hefer. They gone die anyway
You got hit by a smooth criminal 
                              Percy are you ok, are you ok, are you ok Percy
ArwaIsLucky3 ArwaIsLucky3 Aug 05, 2017
bookahlove bookahlove Apr 27, 2017
Me tooo! It was my go to movie when I was younger we don't have it anymore sadly
LightUnicornGirl LightUnicornGirl Dec 25, 2017
I just need to say: in the description I read :" Percys mother decided to die" . 😂😂😂 WHHAAAAAAAA