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Transformers roleplay

Transformers roleplay

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Swiftstrike (ง◉ヮ◉)ง By NarrowLightingstrike Updated Mar 10

I roleplay. I decided why not?!

I do take requests

SniperAssassins15 SniperAssassins15 6 days ago
Can you look up my "My Oc's and there is a oc name SnowStorm " and also i forgot to mention SnowStorm is 19 years old
DreamSansx DreamSansx Mar 11
Are we allowed to do a hybrid between human and cybertronian?
rwbyfan3536 rwbyfan3536 Feb 07
name: jetblade
                              altmode: he is a triple changer so f22 raptor and f16 eagle (uses it to blend in with human fighter formations)
                              weapon(s): a gatling gun that attaches to his back for storage he also uses it in altmode he also has dual katana's
                              alliegance: autobots
Name: Blue Wheel
                              Age:19 vorns
                              Appearent:I should have a picture of her in my art book
                              Alt mode:Honda civic 2013
Name: Setsuko
                              Gender: Female
                              Species: Cybertronian
                              Faction: Decepticon
                              Weapons: Katana, and machine gun
                              Personality: Loyal, fierce in combat, caring at times, when serious is very strict, and likes to playfully tease 
                              Vehicle: Japanese Jet
                              Crush: Soundwave/ Surveilance Chief
                              (Can I join please?)
Wait... I don't get how this works. Can someone please explain what I do because I kinda want to join in.