Being My Rapist's Sex Slave

Being My Rapist's Sex Slave

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WARNING:  This book contains sensitive topic not suitable for younger readers or close-minded people.  It also contains graphic depictions of violence, sex, drugs, strong language and other mature theme.

Read with full caution!

It's my first time to write a story totally for matured readers or erotic category!  


DISCLAIMER:  This is just a work of fiction!  Character names, events, incidents and even the title itself are just pure imaginary thoughts of the author.  Any resemblance to real person, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental.

Reproduction or usage of this work in whole or part or in any form by means of electrical, mechanical or other means, now known or hereinafter invented or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without permission from the author.

Positive or negative criticism are welcome except for death threats!




My life was perfect!

I have a happy family.  Supportive parents and an annoying little brother but still very sweet most of the time.   I can say that we're rich but not in the top ten richest family in the country.

I have a career that I love most.  Being an artist was my passion since I was a little girl and I know I'm getting better as years goes by.

My lovelife is not zero though I'm still NBSB but it's because I'm just so picky.  My first love is my passion in painting! And boys/men are not my current priority, but I have a ton of suitors!  

BUT. . . life isn't always perfect because. . . the place we live in aren't perfect at all!

I never thought that I will be a RAPE victim and . . .

. . .worst,  I became his  SEX slave and became addicted to have SEX with my rapist!

I'm Cherillyne Jaizz Villarios and this is my story!

Copyrighted Eiramana325
 All Rights Reserved 2016

Originally Started on: 18 April 2016
Re-posted on: 19 Sept 2016

ang ganda pa nman nung story.. ndi nman palage na puro spg may aral ka nman na mkukuha eh..
edwardbls edwardbls Sep 21
Pati ba naman comment dito, reported pa din! Grabe inggit sau Ms. Author.
Haha pa virgin yta ung nag report... saka my pagka bobo din..di nman sha pnilit na bsahin ehh.. kainis lng
IsSah21 IsSah21 Sep 22
Grabe nagpapakamanang naman un. Hello maging open minded po tayo wag magpavirgin effect. Kaloka! 😈
kya po pla ang tagal ng ud ksi may ngreport po pala.. sayang nman po at saka mas mrami nman po na ganito rin ung genre ndi naman po narereport.. papansin LNG po ung ngreport nun ms. author,, bsta ko support pa run po AQ..
Pls ipag patuloy mo ung story writer..super ganda..inggit lang ung nag report sau..ingat lagi