Black [Book II] -REWRITTEN-

Black [Book II] -REWRITTEN-

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Kayley J By autumnskiess Updated 2 days ago

-Rewritten- Under construction-

Elizabeth Sanchez thought she knew everything. She was confident, intelligent and could sniff out a lie from a mile away. Now, everything has changed. She's infected with a virus that is causing her to lose her memories and erase everything good about who she is. Locked away as punishment for her greatest sin, Elizabeth must scramble to the depths of her mind to overcome the blackness that is becoming her reality, but things still aren't as they seem.

Following coordinates given to him by a suspicious police officer, Nathan arrives at Cross Academy and lies his way into the giant, brain-washing cult. While there, Nathan hears about a girl with dark hair that shot a leader and is devastated to hear of her presumed death.

Elizabeth and Nathan must slowly come to terms with their new lives as they're both thrown into an even bigger mystery that they can never escape. As the cult members remain devoted to Duncan, Elizabeth uncovers a loop hole which might set the entire Academy free once and for all-but first, she must remember who she is, before everything she knows slips away for good.

 With more mysteries, twists, turns and epic revelations--Black will make an even more intense read than the first. 
  This is Elizabeth's story. 

  • academy
  • beth
  • black
  • brainwash
  • cell
  • cult
  • experimentation
  • freedom
  • government
  • identity
  • nathan
CoulMJ CoulMJ Apr 23
I love the way you write, read grey last year & I know the sequel will be as good ;)
AFurb85 AFurb85 Aug 07, 2017
Love, love, love Grey!!! I soo cannot wait to see Elizabeths journey and fight for freedom continued!! I just hope she makes it out and this place gets shut down, thank you!!! Thank you for taking time to write such an amazing, addictive story!!
KathyShervey KathyShervey Apr 22, 2017
I highly recommend reading the first book Grey, ends on a cliffhanger. So looking forward to reading this one. 😁
carolinekoroni carolinekoroni Jan 11, 2017
Yeeees I'm so pleased you have resumed Elizabeth's journey,grey was fantastic reading,I hope I enjoy black as much!😁😁😁😁
- - Feb 02, 2017
Okay well I'll go back and read the first one first then. :)
AngieBlueBelle AngieBlueBelle Jan 19, 2017
Read Grey in a day and just finished Black  chapter 4. I am so amped for Chapter 5. Thank you