One Taste Was All It Took - Drarry

One Taste Was All It Took - Drarry

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Harry Potter has it good. It's his Sixth year, and Voldemort isn't doing anything yet, giving him time to spend with his new girlfriend, Ginny, and his friends, Ron and Hermione. He's doing good in his schooling, and for once, everything seems perfect. At least, until a certain blonde haired Slytherin gets him to let his guard down, and offers him something to eat...

Draco has been made a Death Eater and is determined to prove his family's worth to the Dark Lord, who needs him to get close to Potter. An easy task, or so Draco thought. Soon, he becomes to develop feelings for the Boy Who Lived. What would his mother say?

Will Draco succeed in stealing Harry's heart? If so, how will Ron react when Harry leaves his sister? Will Hermione be able to keep the Golden Trio together? And how will Draco weasel his way out of the Dark Lord's wrath? Read and find out.

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antisocial_wreck antisocial_wreck Nov 17, 2017
Poly juice: transform you into the desired person 
                              Amortentia: Love potion that smells of things you desire
                              Veritaserum: Most powerful truth potion
                              Felix Felicis: gives you extreme luck (liquid luck)
Zalvetta Zalvetta Jul 21, 2017
1. Felix felicis - brings anyone who drinks it immense luck 2. Amortentia - one sip and youre in love
eren-bloody-jaeger eren-bloody-jaeger Aug 24, 2017
polyjuice potion : it transforms your form to any desired person
                              amortentia            : a love potion that will have the scent of anything you desire
                              felix felicis.            : a golden potion that will make you extremely lucky in anything you try to do.
eren-bloody-jaeger eren-bloody-jaeger Aug 24, 2017
it smells like books (?) p, freshly mown grass, toothpaste and, she was avout to say, ron's shampoo.
antisocial_wreck antisocial_wreck Nov 17, 2017
Mother-of pearl sheen
                              steam rising in characteristic spirals 
                              smells differently to each of them according to what attracts them
                              She smelt freshly mown grass, new parchment, spearmint toothpaste, and she was about to say rons hair
Zalvetta Zalvetta Jul 21, 2017
Freshly mown grass, new parchment, and spearmint (Ron's hair)