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It's Called Love, Darling

It's Called Love, Darling

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Mads Harper By NoPressureJustBoxers Updated May 09, 2016

Christian Barkley is an average 33 year old man with a very un-average life. With trying to balance his time between his three young kids and his job at the hospital he has absolutely no time for anything else. So when Baker starts school he feels a little less crowded and a lot more relaxed, even with the six month old constantly crying and needing attention; at least he has his sister to help.   Just as everything begins to fall into place for the family, however, Baker's obsession with his 'oh-so-amazing' and 'oh-so-funny' teacher has the two men colliding. 

 But Christian doesn't have time for a relationship -- he barely has time to change Ariel's diaper, let alone take the devilishly handsome Xavier Ridges on a proper date.   At least that's what he tells himself because they're definitely not on a date every time Xavier comes over for coffee, or when Christian invites the man to the fair when it's in town --- and it's definitely not a date when Xavier spends Christmas day with the chaotic family.   So what is it really? Christian may never know.   [this is a lgbt story; read at your own risk. This is rated-R for language and sex. THIS IS A RELATIVELY DRAMA-FREE FLUFF FEST. ENJOY]

Yarngoddess Yarngoddess Mar 04, 2016
Crolly- your observation is 100% correct! I couldn't agree with you more. Author, Thank you for writing a Romance Fluff for us. Not all MxM readers want to read gross mature scenes, we love detailed, graphic  Normal mature scenes ;)
theindigojackalope theindigojackalope Dec 19, 2016
I'm so excited... Also, the cover is lovely, just wanted to say that
rellish rellish Jan 29, 2015
This is such a cute story!!  Hope you plan to finish it/ continue it some time. :-)
@Crolly YASSS!!!! Sometimes it can be sooo difficult to find a nice sweet mxm story with little to no drama and the drama that is in it doesn't make me want to cry
Alexandra9328 Alexandra9328 Oct 24, 2014
I hvn't read the book bt i already love it bcz it's an lgbt story. M straight bt m a big suppoter of LGBT rights.
ThinkLeftThinkRight ThinkLeftThinkRight Sep 23, 2013
Omg I'm Soo exited for this. And how do you do this: come up with these amazing ideas out of the blue like this.