Short glasses  (Levi X Male Shota Reader)

Short glasses (Levi X Male Shota Reader)

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Titan high. You better be freaking prepared.

(m/n) is just a combination of death the kid,Levi,and tweak....I love it
Everything has to be symmetrical *death the kid freaking out* 😁
I_-suck-_ass I_-suck-_ass Nov 02, 2016
I'm wearing actually black and red J's and black skinny jeans
tim_and_griffn12 tim_and_griffn12 Sep 20, 2016
Wait.......I have A.D.H.D in real life it means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder[just to let you know;)]
That moment when even the teachers can sense the gay tension radiating from levi and the reader.
RazzEmber RazzEmber Sep 20, 2016
This is so good~!!! XD ADHD is the one where you can't focus. ADD is kinda the same, but not as bad (I think..) o3o