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Our mutual cares, labors, and dangers.

Our mutual cares, labors, and dangers.

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Ken By hamtickets4aleg Updated a day ago

Its obvious the two Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton have feelings for each other.The sideways longing glances and tension when they fight,when Thomas gets feed up with waiting for two years after Alexanders boyfriend died five years previous he takes matters into his own hands and confronts Hamilton.
What happens when Burr is out for blood and dirt on Hamilton while these two are trying to keep their  relationship under wraps?
Let's find out shall we?

cakerules8 cakerules8 Jan 30
After every punctuation and quotation mark, you need a space. So yeah, not to be rude, but you need to do that.
XDDDD madison is literally my friend, like stupid asses you both like each other be together it's not that hard
ilbarker ilbarker Dec 25, 2016
I thought that said my cheek and I was suddenly rethinking all my life choices
Boys enough of your outside voices
                              Use those in bed (・ωー)~☆