But it's better if you do

But it's better if you do

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"is it me that still makes you sweat and who you think about in bed" hongbin whispers in my ear "I don't wanna hear you got a boyfriend" he starts to kiss me on the ear down my neck, my phone started to ring and I knew it was sungjae  "hyuk push him aside and just give in" hongbin grabs my phone and ends the call right then and there, in that moment I knew I was done.


hongbin didn't like to share what is his and hyuk was defiantly his and he didn't care if he would hurt sungjae, he cared about the younger. He really did but he just didn't want hyuk to love anyone but him. 

Hyuk was content with his life he was truly happy. He had it all really he couldn't ask for more he loved his boyfriend sungjae from BTOB and he has amazing friends/band members. That all changed when hongbin started becoming  possessive of the younger. Deep down hyuk loved hongbin more than a friend.

no smut (but it might change but probably not)

First off I would like to thank Tookeyoo for the wounderful covers. If any of you need covers for your story you shold message her. she did a wounderful job on this cover and I am in love with the cover. so again thank you. too tookeyoo for the amazing cover!  she made covers for thi one and my two ther stories. she is awesome so if you need graphic desgns go to her.

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qtgyujin qtgyujin Jul 10, 2017
i didn't even notice the dynamite reference until i looked at the comments jsjsjsj
bottominhyuk bottominhyuk Apr 30, 2017
i really love your story but try shortening your sentences and maybe using a bit more punctuation. Great plot and everything tho💕
vx_yeon vx_yeon Mar 06, 2017
                              Grandpa Yoongi: .... You okay?
                              Me: *still inhaling*
                              Grandpa Yoongi: yeah she's fine
vx_yeon vx_yeon Mar 06, 2017
One shot of chocolate milk please *10 hours later *gets drunk off chocolate milk*
Natanatsu Natanatsu Dec 31, 2016
Boi if you don't change your clothes, Hongbin won't be the only one looking at you tonight
Satans_Olives Satans_Olives Dec 09, 2018
Maybe I'm jealous,
                              I need more (one shot)
                              One more (two shot)