Run Omega Run

Run Omega Run

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Pamela By sunshine919 Completed

"It was my fault." I stated looking down at my slowly growing clammy hands. He would never forgive me after I told him this. My deepest darkest secret.

"You're my mate. No matter how big of a package your life is, I'm willing to stay with you through anything."


Celia, the Omega, runs from her pack because of something she did, or was thought she did. On the run, she slams straight into a rival pack that doesn't handle rogues, even recently turned ones, well. She's about to be left for dead until her and her mate meet in the most unlikely circumstances. Is the package she carries to much of a burden on the pack, but more importantly her recently found mate who happens to be the alpha? Will she survive the most shocking things thrown at her?

Now I just wanna leave a crude comment, it's like putting a sign on a wall, saying, "don't touch the wall."
                              Well of course I wanna touch it, although I didn't before you said that!!
kevinswife kevinswife Oct 11, 2015
A alpha is the leader of the pack and the omega is the pack slave and punching bag in most casea
EverythingsGoodLove_ EverythingsGoodLove_ Jun 24, 2015
What is an omega? Can anyone tell me the difference between the omega and alpha?????????
Anna_Donovan Anna_Donovan Nov 14, 2014
Please can I ask what footage you used to make the trailer? It was brilliant by the way! I have high hopes for this book and can wait to begin it!! xx
TURTLES2001 TURTLES2001 Nov 04, 2014
I was gonna wait to read this, till after I finished something else, but these comments say it's so good so I'm just gonna read anyways...
EliseNoble EliseNoble Sep 01, 2014
Just wanted to say I love your cover! It's really eye catching.