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Lost on the path of life

Lost on the path of life

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JayFiraWeaver By JayFiraWeaver Updated Feb 06, 2012

James was never normal he was abandoned at the age of 2 and left for dead on the streets of New York city ever since then hes been searching for his real parents and wont stop until he finds the truth but what once a regular day life will soon turn into a fight for survival as James begins to learn just who he is and what he's meant to do.

deathlord deathlord Sep 20, 2011
sigh its been a while guys btw its jay my account got hacked so i guess its back to square one oh well im getting my account back in a couple of days so i should finally upload chapters 2-28 then yah thats right ive been busy XD
JayFiraWeaver JayFiraWeaver Apr 27, 2011
sorry guys been having a tough time at school but at least i can finally start writing again. hopefully i should upload chapter 2 very soon and this time i mean it. so please be patient (as if you haven't been patient enough) and i will finally upload the chapter
JayFiraWeaver JayFiraWeaver Feb 09, 2011
omg finally after weeks of intense labor and physical exhaustion i am back now that my internet is fixed i can begin to upload the rest of the chapters woot. so thx for the patience guys and i will upload chapter 2,3,4, and 5 very soon
JayFiraWeaver JayFiraWeaver Jan 12, 2011
sorry bout the spaces i fixed it now so its easier to read now
darkwish darkwish Jan 09, 2011
                              Can I ask how old you are?
                     type like an 8 year old...
JayFiraWeaver JayFiraWeaver Jan 09, 2011
Ok I get you I was at epcot since 6 30 am but now I'm hoping I can sneak In a copley of pages