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Demigods and Highschool(Percy Jackson)

Demigods and Highschool(Percy Jackson)

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Alena By book_lover_117 Completed

{A Percy Jackson Fan Fic}After the giant war, 13 demigods and the oracle get a chance at a normal life. The gods enroll them in high school. Read to find out all the hardships, relationship troubles, and all the other events they have to go through to graduate.                  ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN

leo plus coffee=an adhd hyper demigod. do you see the problem in this equasion?!?!
*cough* As you see here, at the beginning of the chapter,  this was before HoH and Solangelo won't be here, sadly. But don't cry! We still have an exciting story ahead of us! Now,  heads up and look excited for the story! Comment Reporter out! ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
booklover2579 booklover2579 6 days ago
Why on dirt face's green earth would you give the most ADHD demigod, coffee
lol I woulda thought the little mermaid or finding nemo/dory
- - Mar 20, 2016
Why speak English when you could speak Greek?!χαχα. γιατί πάει στα αγγλικά , όταν θα μπορούσε να μάθουν ελληνικά ?
AveInAeturnum AveInAeturnum Jun 20, 2016
"Regular . . . " High School is the weirdest place on Earth I swear.