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Tied Up To An IDIOT!

Tied Up To An IDIOT!

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AwesomeDashingGirl79 By AwesomeDashingGirl79 Updated Dec 21, 2016

Rainbow Dash is a sporty, stubborn and show off 16 years old teenage girl who doesn't believe in love and mushy stuff, she's the most loyal person and the best athlete in Canterlot High, she enjoys her life with her six best friends despite of her dark past, she will be reluctant to love until a certain mysterious guy bumps into her several times by destiny, which will make them be together whether they like it or not, that certain guy is Soarin, the bad boy from Cloudsdale High who just got transferred to CHS. She fill find herself tied up to an idiot and facing a new feeling she can't run from, LOVE. Her stubbornness will make them both go through a lot of embarrassing moments and funny things they never imagined. Could they break the spell before it's too late? Read and find out!

The_Real_Pink_Pony The_Real_Pink_Pony Oct 06, 2016
Firefly. Giving better speeches than Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton anyday.
AwesomeDashingGirl79 AwesomeDashingGirl79 Oct 06, 2016
Well, I wanted to make a difference between a sarcastic laugh and an evil and twisted one, that's why I wrote it that way
therealesica therealesica Oct 06, 2016
Its hahaha not to be rude just giving you a heads up because it gets  confusing
The_Real_Pink_Pony The_Real_Pink_Pony Oct 06, 2016
Go ahead Dash! I've got a tea and biscuits in hand, ready for your love story!
                              Great story btw!
HUHUHU that's a VERY GOOD start T^T heart touching... 
                              EXCELLENT Love!