Our Lil Secret

Our Lil Secret

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Syd By sydcapers Updated Nov 13, 2016

Jayla POV

I walked on the hall to my next class looking for Odell , my boyfriend. We've been dating for 2 years now and honestly it's been great.

I saw threatening some guy. 

Jayla - Odell

He looked up.

Odell - hey 

Jayla - leave him alone. Let's go you always fucking with somebody.

Odell walked off.

I helped the guy up.

His glasses were broken.

Jayla - I'm Jayla. Look I'm sorry about my boyfriend messing with you. What's your name.

? - A-August

I smiled and helped him pick up his books.

Aug - thank you

Jayla - you're welcome.

I went over to Odell. 

Odell - c'mon baby

He kissed my cheek. 

August POV

Jayla walked off. She's beautiful and just a very kind person. I mean how did she end up with him?

I went to my next class.

Jayla  POV

I sat in Mr. Nixon's math class.

Mr. Nixon - August come to the board and do question 2.

August got up with his head hung low.

Odell tripped him.

The whole class laughed except me.

He got up and brushed it off. 

I hit Odell in the...

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PrettyEyesNickiB PrettyEyesNickiB Aug 03, 2017
Oh now he's being bullied in this book lawd 🤦🏾‍♀️ I can't keep up
babygirldria babygirldria Mar 17, 2017
Burh they trying do my auggie boo never that my daddy Auggie pull triggers tf
ABM_209 ABM_209 Feb 08, 2017
Y day always makin august look like a lil punk bítch he ain't no by his in real life doe😭😂