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The Silent Wolf (RWBY x Male! Mute! Faunas!Reader)

The Silent Wolf (RWBY x Male! Mute! Faunas!Reader)

16.6K Reads 398 Votes 5 Part Story
DarkPrince By darkprince171 Updated 2 days ago

This story is about the (L/N) family. Zayev (L/N) leaves on a mission, leaving his son, (Y/N) (L/N), with family. Zayev and his companion head to a distant land, to face a prime evil, that could destroy Remnant's way of life. With nothing but hope in their hearts, they throw themselves into the abyss, will they make it back?

Instrix Instrix Dec 29, 2016
                              i knw tigers is ilrelevent (lol I can't spell) but they are both beast
shadow_latios shadow_latios Dec 31, 2016
Why let loki look after him and not thor?  Thor is cooler, and has a hammer. XD
DustyAshes DustyAshes Nov 08, 2016
Are the gloves meant to be a rogue version of the daedric armor?
Frosty212 Frosty212 Jan 08
Do for soup and yuri and ghost and roach woods and every cod person or main person that died for us
So did you decide if all the female of RWBY will fall for us?
The one rule of the warrior never go down without a fight " takes off fedora and holds agains the chest in respect" rest in peace dad and if your sent to hell for some reason kick there ass's to super hell and become the king of hell!