Between Two Posessive Twins

Between Two Posessive Twins

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A Goner By YouAreBeautiful2Me Updated Sep 25, 2013

"Don't move," Alexander and Xiaver murmured insync before harmonizing butterfly kisses along both sides of my neck. I moaned in pleasure and anxiety.

Then the unexpected took over as they both slowly and painfully sank their canines into my soft spots.
I cried out in pain, pulling away from their hold, causing Xiaver to let out a loud growl and Alexander to hold my arms to my side.

Then darkness.

*Warning: Does include adult content and language.

courtneyjoe15 courtneyjoe15 Oct 12, 2017
Honestly I don’t really like him that much anymore (not cuz of him, but the things I like have changed), but some picture (when he had that quif/f-boy hair cut) are hot. Cuz the hair, the eyes, the tattoos
unicorn-swags unicorn-swags Jul 21, 2016
@jasonmccn dafuq HAHAHA i cant imagine him as a werewolf tbh
Hibye1278 Hibye1278 Feb 14, 2016
There is also Fransisco lachowski,Gregg sulkin,Dylan O'Brian etc.
MayMay1Queen MayMay1Queen Jan 25, 2016
I think justin is hot believe me I do but couldn't u pick a different person 4 hugens
AlyssaAmour911 AlyssaAmour911 Jan 08, 2016
Even tho I'm not really a fan of Justin Biever. Your book sounds awesome
DjdjdSkososo DjdjdSkososo Dec 16, 2015
Justin bieber is honestly Handsome and im confused why people hate him (sorry for not being updated)