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The Girl Who Feels No Pain

The Girl Who Feels No Pain

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dondon93 By dondon93 Completed

I don't know what pain means. All I know about pain is the dictionary's definition, and what I see from people's reactions and reflexes when they get hurt. It might seem good to be insensitive to pain, but it is no where near good. It is a living nightmare that needs you to be careful every second of your life. Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch out for yourself to avoid getting hurt when you don't know what pain is? When you can't even feel pain? That is something that no one should ever wish for.....

skg_dn skg_dn Nov 04, 2016
Wow...I wish I could get affected with CIPA when I'm given injections...
Is this real? Cause if it I I kinda sorta want to be a CIPA patient
kadima0102 kadima0102 Nov 27, 2016
Does she get hurt easily because a person can't get hurt as easily as her mum is making it I mean yea she can't feel pain but I'm pretty sure if she were to fall on the floor or bump into a couch she wouldn't die but other than that it's a great story so far
jiatong jiatong Dec 21, 2016
I know this may seem that i am perverted( but i am not) do she fell pain when havinf sex?
Keekeeburst Keekeeburst Apr 18, 2016
I imagined he walking into a long sharp stick, then her mother screams at her and she's like .........oh.
                              Just my imagination......just my imagination.....
Im_more_than_insane Im_more_than_insane Oct 12, 2016
Hey! Don't be rude to your mom! She's clearly trying to help you get a better life!