Riding Hood • Malum ✔️

Riding Hood • Malum ✔️

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Michelle Marie By mikellyart Completed


"Code red! Code fucking red!"

"Okay, if my notes are correct, code red means really, really hot boy that Michael wants to either blow or fuck."

When the fiery Michael Clifford bumps into the school nerd, Calum Hood, things get rather interesting. Basically put, Michael really wants to ruin Calum.

Malum AU. Mature.

I live in the library literally I'm there from 6-8am 10am-1pm and 2:30-7pm.... As long as there's school....
My librarian is a 23 year old girl and she listens to all my bands(except 5sos i cri) and likes Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and anime and she plays rock music on full blast whenever she wants....
jackieson5 jackieson5 Jun 23
I freak the fudge out if someone calls me petnames especially little girl or baby girl like help!
Because of all the fanfiction i read i have a collage lexile
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Everyone's like "he's small" and I'm sitting here being the 5'3 midget I am