Simon Says

Simon Says

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Nyla By NylasAngel Updated 3 hours ago

"I know what you're thinking, Princess. You're thinking I'm trying to kill you, but I'm not trying to kill you. I wouldn't do that. I'm only showing you what will happen-giving you a taste of what is to come - if you don't obey me. For now on, we're going to play a game. Its name is...Simon Says."


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LeDenouement LeDenouement a day ago
I really like the start :) can't wait to know what happens next
FrzenFlame FrzenFlame a day ago
I feel like crying! Why can't I be like her? She's so pretty... 😢
This is really good so far! I'm not usually into mystery or thriller books but I like this one. Good job!
TigerSpots TigerSpots Sep 20
I'm no good with helping but this website definitely is ;)
grungeff grungeff 2 days ago
This book is good! I didn't expect that the start would be like this, but this is rock!!!
CloverEDai CloverEDai 2 days ago
I thought he was about to say she looked fat lol well this is a pleasant surprise