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The Reaper's Ruin

The Reaper's Ruin

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D.K. Combs By dkcombs Updated Oct 08, 2016

The Reaping business is a lonely one, and Ryker has the trade down pat. Cold and unfeeling, that's all he was--until he found Madeline. 
  Madeline changed everything. She was hot and passionate. She was independent and smart. She was everything he wanted, and she wanted nothing to do with him. 
  Reapers never get scared-but that changes when there is a newbie in town. Luckily for him, Ryker has first dibs on making her disappear. Because once a new Reaper shows up, an old one goes bye-bye, and he enjoys being a sadistic, sarcastic, vicious man too much to risk being replaced.
  Angry and confused, most nights Madeline wakes up in a situation that could get her killed, and would-if not for Ryker, a sexy bastard with no care for anyone but himself. Madeline doesn't follow anyone's rules but her own. After living with an overbearing father, she hates being controlled and definitely can't stand how controlling Ryker is-until she realizes that he's sacrificing himself to make sure she lives. 
  When Ryker realizes he has feelings for this spitfire that takes hard-to-get to a new level, and another Reaper finds out that Madeline is about to fulfill her destiny, he'll do anything to make her turn before she's found by the others-even if that means risking his life as a Reaper...because Madeline is, without a doubt, this Reaper's ruin.

bestmom60 bestmom60 Sep 20, 2016
Really looking forward to your new story, you have never disappointed, can't wait.
MortaOsiris MortaOsiris Sep 22, 2016
The beginning of an awesome book by an awesome author ! Steamy stuff here I come  😏✨💕
Spots_to_love Spots_to_love Sep 22, 2016
Aww man so good. Are u planning on publishing this story? Because I think it's really good. I only counted one mistake. There was a word in their and @ShannonSikedelikk already pointed it out in her first correction. But otherwise I thought it was refreshing.
JohnnyJ184 JohnnyJ184 Sep 23, 2016
Do you have a degree in Equine science? Cuz I'd like to pick your brain about foal development. ;)
Boy: Hey girl, have you ever kissed a bunny between the ears...? *Pulls out jeans pockets* because you can now...
*Fangirling because my dream car was just mentioned* MY BABY!!!!!!!