Alpha Jasper | ✔️(Published)

Alpha Jasper | ✔️(Published)

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In a small town where no one leaves, and no one comes in, a myth lives. 

In a town that is surrounded by a legend of cruel, murderous wolves that kill the innocent in command of an Alpha.

An Alpha, centuries old, that is said to be the cruelest man to ever live.

Thea doesn't believe the legends for a second, until a handsome stranger with violet eyes appears, and people from around town start going missing.

But what Thea doesn't know, is that this man is someone she never thought existed...And the bond they share when touching, is one of a kind.


Highest Rank: 1st

*Mature Content Is Involved*

(This is the fourth book in the Alpha Series, but you can read this one without needing the others (: If you would like to read the rest of he series, it is available on my profile)

This book is on Radish early access. 

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cinds011 cinds011 Oct 11
So if they killed her why are you saying she killed herself?
Did u add in the cliche where the alpha always say "mine" when they see their mate?😯
I'm reading this book over cause I can't remember it only small parts
cinds011 cinds011 Oct 11
Wait are these Zach and Slater's wives?😯what about Screech?
pufflezzz pufflezzz Nov 05
I have a jack Russell terrier!! My dad named him jack but I call him jackieboo, I got him when I was in the second grade, I’m graduated now
cinds011 cinds011 Oct 11
That awkward moment when batty means something different to you