The Society

The Society

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Aurora Darwington By EnderShadeMCs Updated Jan 25, 2017

When you hear the word "pets," you think of cats and dogs, or hamsters, right? Well, in this world, that word carries another meaning-- "humans."

What if the world didn't belong to humans, but to giants? What if humans were nothing but "intelligent animals" in the eyes of their superiors, learning to be frightened of them and to be submissive and groveling, trying to play it cool and sweet, and being obedient just to survive?

How does it feel to live in this kind of life; what struggles lay within this society?

Open the book to continue, to read about a young character named Jason, and follow his tale as a human pet in this mystical fantasy world.

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Anaryo90 Anaryo90 Apr 23, 2017
I keep wondering. What is the size difference between the humans and the giants in this story? :3
Wildstar_Wildheart Wildstar_Wildheart Nov 15, 2016
Dammit, you beat me to the idea! I had a story with the same blurb, but it was a JackSepticEye and Markiplier fanfic... (I titled the draft, "Little Irishman." X3 I even had the draft on my phone!)
wolfkitten45 wolfkitten45 Oct 18, 2016
This is book is actually really cute! I just wanna hug lil Jason.
Flint25 Flint25 Mar 06, 2017
I can't post the meme so here
                              I think you mean 
wearekelley wearekelley Oct 17, 2016
I would say get all the nukes and move someplace else and it to smitherenses