[Tobi x Reader] Secrets [drabbles]

[Tobi x Reader] Secrets [drabbles]

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NatalieBlueBoy By NatalieBlueBoy Updated Jun 22, 2014

You stood over the graves of all the members lying down under the cold, soft ground. Although not all of the members' bodies have been located, you still made a gravestone for each of them. Some of those who had been found were buried under the soil that you dug up just for them.

You had just finished patting the last of the soil on top of the corpse. A little stone rests near the the soil with etches from your kunai.

It was a great advantage for you to dig again at this day. Rain poured heavily on you, getting on your hair, your cloak and skin. You had only a cloak, but you still got sort of sick. Because you covered the others with their cloak, they were dry as they were carefully lowered into their space. You prayed for their rest in heaven.

The rain also softened the soil, so you only had to pry at the soil with your gloved hands while digging along the way.

Now that everyone was buried and gone, you looked down sadly, but you didn't dare to let a tear drip down.

From kneeling...

dipdyeddonutxx dipdyeddonutxx Dec 31, 2013
That sounds so sweet 'don't come out __________, I don't wanna lose you. I will not make the same mistake. '