I've Returned

I've Returned

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The Alien By EDoan20 Completed

*Please Read The First Book Of The Series Because It Tells How Everything Begins*
[Book 2]  Series of Gods

Lightning returns in a whole new world. Where she has more powers and a new destiny. She waited 500 years for her mate and no vision of what so ever of him and all she knew was his name. Something is going to happen soon and she feels it, but without her mate by her side. What can she do? And maybe a enemy will return. Meet Hope, a boy who grew up different. Everybody calls him Emo because of his white hair. Why is he so different, nobody knows except his parents. They won't tell him nothing. He has a tattoo above his heart shape as a rose and he knows it's a birth mark, but why does he have a birth mark of a rose? He can't shift into his wolf and that's just makes him look human. He's not human, but what is he?       If you haven't read the first book, read it!

(Cover by @NeonLights1404)

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Crazy_Heels14 Crazy_Heels14 Aug 28, 2017
Is it bad that this is like the 8 time I'm reading this book?
I was sad that that book ended i cried for hours then i seen the second book came i actually almost broke my phone when i screamed that it got published.
Deborah1390 Deborah1390 Feb 21, 2016
Can someone please explain how she would be 24 wen she's 516 years old 😳😔😳😳😳😳
eline09 eline09 Feb 12, 2016
I hate pink If my hair like turend pink out of no where i would be freaking out but If she can look good with it go for it 🤔😉
gamingnightmare gamingnightmare Oct 20, 2016
Nyrala Nyrala Aug 28, 2016
Phew, when it said 500 years 😨 in the future, 😱 I was worried Zach, Lilly, Tim, and all the others were gone... Like dead... 😭 But no, they aren't! 😇 (my expressions when I realized this)