Ask Or Dare The Sanses Au

Ask Or Dare The Sanses Au

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MUSTARD!!! By UnderFell-Sans Completed

welp this is another askbox and darebox if that even exists but in my world it does, I would take questions if there's any so ask away and don't be shy....

PLZ NO HATE I'M NEW TO WRITING BOOKS!!! Plz leave comments on asking daring the sanses or something I could improve on but plz don't say you hate for no reason I don't really like to mute people so please don't hate

Also updates will be every second day 1-3 chapters weekdays,  3-5 chapters during weekends, holidays/vacations 2-5 chapters everyday.

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H-hello! Um! I would like to ask Blueberry i-if I could make tacos with them! If not, I dare blue to prank fell! But not to harsh,no harm,if ask box is closed,ehehee! I'm sorry if it is I'll go, chu~!
- - Apr 28, 2017
I wanna dare lust to look at t the last two pics of my Meh drawings book! Trust me.....his reaction is gonna be priceless!
Commiekun Commiekun Oct 16, 2016
Hey guys!
                              Do you guys know about cutie the cat?
                              If not go onto YouTube and look up cutie the cat
Anime_fangirl101 Anime_fangirl101 Oct 19, 2016
Hey undertale sans dare you to put a starwars sword in your pants!
BendysInkyStories BendysInkyStories Sep 19, 2016
Edge! Don't be so angry 'bout that! You might get a dare that you might like!~ -giggles and winks at him-
KatelynTheFireFists KatelynTheFireFists Sep 19, 2016
Wow Egde Your a Party Pooper Butttt I Will Find you -Takes out Knife- and I will Give you This Knife to Kill Peeps -Teleports away-