"Bad Romance" (BoyxBoy)

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Im A Platypus(I do not do much) By bloodymary911 Updated 4 years ago
When I was 5 years old I was raped by a man.
    I was alone playing at our backyard when my addict neighbor drag me somewhere I dont remember . He raped me countless times  and sliced my small tummy with a scissor. I was left to die, but miracle happened and I survived.
    I became gay because of that experience. Maybe, just maybe, because of the traumatic incident that happened to me I never let myself trust  anyone, not my teachers, classmates, friends, but except for one person who I treasure the most, Nathaniel Gregory my best friend .
    I don't  want to lose my best friend. I like him but I don't want to let him know because he is straight as an arrow. I'm afraid he might get mad at me and leave me alone. His the only one I have, I can't afford to lose this special person. That's why I hook every guy that interest me, or it would be proper to say that reminds me of him. Even if it's just his replacement I want to convince myself that it's better than losing him forever. I don't have permanent partners, even a single night with someone like Nate is enough. Pathetic right? I always run to him when I have problems and he would always listen to me, it's his fault why sometimes I'm hard headed, he spoils me a lot. But I know, that no matter how special I am to him, he would never love me the way I love him.
    The question is:
    If he finds out, will he love me back?
i hope this will continue :) the first chapter was already catchy and honestly speaking, i know i'll love the plot of this story so please author, do not stop writing this story. i'll anticipate for this i swear:>
it's wondeful! i love it! please! please! please! update for us readers! ^_^ <3<3<3
It seems like a good story,  but you can't 'become' gay. I'm just saying.
Please please please please
                                    Please update it is so good I really want to read more please update ASAP I love the book already.
Love the cover. It's Andrej ! the prettiest boy in the world *_* Love your story too btw :)