Captured (Underfresh!Sans x Reader) //DISCONTINUED//

Captured (Underfresh!Sans x Reader) //DISCONTINUED//

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Gamer "Ri" Queen By GamerQueen2002 Updated Dec 18, 2016

You never knew how it felt like to be caged like an animal. But after meeting Fresh, the love you two have for each other slowly burns away. 

The chemistry, the passion, the honesty. Instead of fixing the mess he made, he decides that you aren't needed anymore. Of course, it wasn't his decision. 

It was the voice in his head. 


"Love only gets you so far."

"LV. gets you farther."

"I T I S N' T M E!"


A/N: Fresh may be OOC at first. Also may be a slow burn (somewhat).


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Fly flies in
                              Game Over 
                              *Insert inspirational Asgore quote*
Ummmmm*shiver**wishpers*is he that parasite I-dont-really-have-a-soul 90's nightmare?
I just want to one day spill an ink bucket and a magical skeleton comes out! or for mount Ebbot to be real!I don't do fiscal activity but I'd hike that 5 hour walk if it meant that Au's and Undertake was real!
Aww... Thanks Fresh! (I'm used to creepy stalker stuff.... I've been reading too many Yandere ____ X Readers..... =))
- - May 14
I just want Bendy to just burst out of my closet and slither like a snek under my bed with Sammy crawling out of my closet yelling "MY LORD!!" With Joey and Henry holding a cross a Bible
                              (Friend:It says the Bibble
                              Me:YOU QUESTION THE WORDS OF THE LORD?!?
                              Friend: (°_°') )
Fox051 Fox051 Jun 02
I like how majority of these comments are like fresh you creepy stalker WTF  = ̄ω ̄=