Hunter X Hunter & Akatsuki no Yona (Crossover): The Will of the Yellow Dragon.

Hunter X Hunter & Akatsuki no Yona (Crossover): The Will of the Yellow Dragon.

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Shin-chan By Neko1290 Updated Oct 17, 2016

Zeno, the first and last Yellow Dragon from the Legend of Four Dragons sacrificed his chance to become mortal in exchange for the Gods to heal Yona who was critically injured during a battle.
He has never regretted his decision. 
The Four Dragons, Yona, and Hak died, all promising to find a way for Zeno to join them in heaven where he could finally keep his promise to reunite with his original dragon half-brothers and his King. But Zeno accepted his fate with a smile.

Thousands of years have past, the dragon blood line as well as King Hiryuu's bloodline had died out. It was now the 21st century.
Zeno's patience was finally awarded. The Four Dragon Gods, moved by Zeno's loyalty as well as the constant pleading of Yona, Hiryuu, and the two generations of dragon half-brothers, gave Zeno a chance to become mortal once more, only if he completes his mission in the world of Hunter X Hunter, a popular anime Zeno had watched once upon of time to cure his boredom. 

With his original power as the Yellow Dragon, along with other abilities and gifts from his half-brothers and King, Zeno was transported into the world of Hunter X Hunter, with no knowledge of what his mission was, only hinted by his beloved King Hiryuu to follow his heart like he had always done before.

"People are like mirrors. If you smile, a smile will be reflected."

I do not own Hunter X Hunter or Akatsuki no Yona or any pics and videos I might borrow.
WARNING! Doing this for fun, updates will be random. Not going to delete, but probably will lose interest eventually, though still will update once in a while. Lots of Bromance and maybe a few Yaoi moments (but nothing serious unless wanted by you readers)
NOTE: Zeno might seem slightly OOC (because I never wrote his personality before) and a little Over-powered but then again he was a badass OP character in the first place.

Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Aug 24
Honestly, I have a album of images of Zeno on my IPad with about 53 pics of him.
I'm 11..
                              I'll be fine. I lost my innocence a while ago... I should really go look for it.. :/
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Aug 24
I'm listening to Yona of the Dawn ost so I actually feel kinda sad
Lost_Lamb_0_0 Lost_Lamb_0_0 Oct 21, 2016
Wow...I'm week to sad thing and I can't watch a sad video without crying but wow.. This was sad.
Maybe I'll keep this picture.....*nosebleeds*
                              Guys call a doctor...Im loosing blood here....Zeno why do you have to be a boy with this kind of cuteness.....but surely I cant abandon my other cutie pie chracters....what to do!!! T ~ T
Half-Blood-fangirl Half-Blood-fangirl Sep 24, 2016
Wow that was really good even the title being hunter x hunter and akatsuki no yona being my favorite animes