Verboten Lust

Verboten Lust

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Salls By 2writers1book Updated Feb 26, 2017

A pendant enchanted for love 

      A relationship that should be fueled by hate 

Two crossed lovers shall know their fate
     Who gives in first?

Cover by @LarissaChesser


  • hate
  • love
  • lust
  • mate
  • renaissance
  • waveaward
  • werewolf
JosalynnMP JosalynnMP Apr 20, 2017
This paragraph had such a great example of the lengths a mother or father will go through to keep her/his child safe 😍 great job in capturing that. I feel it really connects us as readers, to the baby before we can even get a chance to know who she is.
JosalynnMP JosalynnMP Apr 20, 2017
Excellent descriptions in this paragraph, the details of the sounds around her and the want she's feeling makes me feel as I'm the one sitting in the room with the old woman.
JosalynnMP JosalynnMP Apr 20, 2017
This holds so much intrigue and suspense- I have a feeling this witch is going to find her way back into the story somehow with those last words.
JosalynnMP JosalynnMP Apr 20, 2017
I felt like I was watching all of this happen as I read along. Great descriptions
JosalynnMP JosalynnMP Apr 20, 2017
I can feel the goosebumps already this paragraph is so creepy
AFleetingDream_91 AFleetingDream_91 Jan 25, 2017
should it be "around" instead of "about"?? 
                              It doesn't seem to flow right but then again it could just be me reading a different style :P