Polyamorous || prike milijah prijah (BDSM)

Polyamorous || prike milijah prijah (BDSM)

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[man×man×boy story]

Twenty-seven year old Mike Rivers and twenty-six year old Elijah Rivers have been together for ten years, and married for four. The couple began happily married, but as time went on they became boringly married. As things in their relationship become the same old-same old, they are in need for something different and what could be more different then the next door neighbor's crossdressing, eighteen year old son, Jacob Perez.

Mindless Behavior.

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-gweelos -gweelos Oct 15
I miss the old Jacob. The new one needs to shape up that Afro and take that damn grill out because I'm NOT WITH IT.
-gweelos -gweelos Oct 15
My husband. My life. My child. I desperately want to sit on his face but my thighs would smother him to death. ☹️
KaneLeo KaneLeo Oct 15
This Jacob is so adorable. And I think most of MB authors go with this Jacob.  I agree present Jacob is trying not to act "sus" anymore  (his words) so here we have butch Jacob lmao.
This gif brought back so many memories omg I miss this beamy misfit peace sign wearing Jacob