Beautiful Rebecca [Completed]

Beautiful Rebecca [Completed]

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Steamy Regency Series BOOK FOUR 

Rebecca was raised in gentile poverty on the outskirts of the Ton. But it wasn't until her elderly father passed and her uncle threw her out in the streets that she truly learned what real poverty entailed.

Forced to do whatever she can to stay alive she finds herself involved in a pickpocket ring that allows her to keep a roof over her head and food in her mouth. 

What she doesn't count on, is picking the wrong pocket, that of Mr. Spencer Rotherford. Or perhaps it was the right pocket all along?

Beautiful Rebecca contains some scenes of a mature nature, please read with caution.

lanaroj lanaroj Oct 16
Damn I just realized I end all my comments with a '😅' 😅
erh, a little disgusting. Back then they didn't take a bath regularly and they smelled..... And Alice had to lay down with them blerggggggg Here a good advice, Alice: being a robber is better than having "company"
makhobajoko makhobajoko Oct 05
Been reading from book 1,  it's an amazing series.  I'd get it even on my XBox should it go into production.
lanaroj lanaroj Oct 16
Company.. in other words sex buddies and one night stands or...? I'm I getting this wrong? 😅
Tash91 Tash91 Oct 08
I already feel like I owe her so much respect for not just sitting back and waiting for the inevitable
lanaroj lanaroj Sep 24
So are these books connected? Is this gonna be updated? Wtf is going on?