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Life is hard as it is for Rossana. Growing up in the streets street fighting for money. Lives in an orphanage her parents were brutally murdered when she was little making her cold hearted. She has to be. She's become the leader of a gang who have been or are going through the same situation as her. Seeking revenge. Finding them in the streets they fight to survive. They have been through so much and are very close. They're a family and if one of them needs help or get in trouble or hurt they're there for each other. She protects them. Cherishes them. They're unseperable. Where she goes they go. They're overprotective over her. They love her for taking them in. She goes to the biggest company that is hiring as a personal assistant.  What happens when the cold hearted CEO interviews her? Can she warm his cold heart? Can he warm hers?

 Alessandro is the CEO of the biggest most richest family. He is arrogant, cold hearted, and has women at his feet. He thought he had everything he wanted. Until She came along. He doesn't believe in love. Then in came a girl. He interviewed her and made her his personal assistant. He thought that she was just like any other girl just acting innocent and looking for attention. He starts getting interested and doesn't understand why he gets jealous of the men that get close to her. He won't stop until he figures her out. Until she becomes His. But how does he get past her overprotective brothers and sister? Read to find out.

  • deaths
  • family
  • gangs
  • revenge
  • romance
  • survival

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