You Bring Out My Insanity// JokerXReader(Re-editing SooN)

You Bring Out My Insanity// JokerXReader(Re-editing SooN)

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❦||Joker grabbed my hand and placed the gun in my palm. It was much heavier than I expected, it was okay though. I loved the feel. Could almost bring a smile to my face. It was just beautiful, absolutely stunning. The way the moon's silver rays reflected off the diamonds intrigued me and made me adore it even more. The gun fit perfectly in my hand and it was the perfect size, not to small, not to huge, perfect.

Deal. Deal. It's a deal. Just say yes. Yes is all you have to say. Yes.

It won't stop clawing at the back of my throat, the word I shouldn't voice, I just can't give in. I can't stop it. It's without my control. Give in. Yes, yes, yes. Say it. 


✤"Oh, princess we're going to have so much fun together." He purred from in between his metal teeth.

I just realized a lot of the fanfic of joker start bats parties
Why would I say that?! I would have been saying hell ya I finally get to meet you!😍
                              *Walks away*
letojoker letojoker Dec 08, 2016
I would run too if someone didn't pass out  from being hit on the head with metal 😂