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The Lazy Ninja (A Naruto Fanfic)

The Lazy Ninja (A Naruto Fanfic)

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DewDrop By wander4life Updated Mar 11

Chise Sakamoto is a traveler. She doesn't belong to any village or any clan. She is simply a regular traveler searching for the meaning of life. She's been since she was 5. Right about when her family, who all lived in secret up in a mountain, never came home one night and disappeared. Believing that they had abandoned her, she decided she really had no reason to live. Of course, someone will change that along the way....  
Being a traveler, Chise is at a clear disadvantage since she's directionally challeneged. One day, as she travels through a forest she has no idea about, playing her ukulele she comes across a village, Konoha. Village Hidden in the Leaves. Of course, she's dragged there and forced into becoming a villager as well as attend the local ninja academy, although Chise doesn't really need that. Which you will find out later. 
There, she meets a lot of different people, one in which she comes to love. As she begins to discover the meaning of life, she grows into a ninja that nobody will mess with, she might even find out the real reason her family left her and where they went.

  • kakashi
  • konoha
  • naruto
  • ninja
  • romance
Ugh, lemme barf right quick from all these dead memes 😬🤢
I have been mistaken as a male and personally find it hilarious
humansfuckingsuck humansfuckingsuck Aug 30, 2017
I guess you can say that he died of...........natural causes
                              * badum tsss*
LazzyFoxx LazzyFoxx Jun 11, 2017
"Yooo, sup dawg! You havin' a nice day? Haven't talked to no friendly people in a long time! Wanna get high?"
raptordragon raptordragon Oct 23, 2017
Well let's just say she went WINDingly 
Luna_Pastel Luna_Pastel Sep 21, 2017
She is so calm after killing someone and sounds like a hippie
                              *sighs* Tourists