Perfection Is Meant For Dolls ||SasuNaru|| COMPLETED

Perfection Is Meant For Dolls ||SasuNaru|| COMPLETED

11.1K Reads 731 Votes 20 Part Story
Rae By PeculiarSimplicity Completed

Dolls are the only thing Sai knows. Perfection is key, that why he only uses the perfect parts. Now all he needs is the perfect partner. How will one day at the fair change his life? 

SasuNaru, Non-consensual SaiNaru. 

Cover by: Vonlane
Written by: Hitoko-sama 
Brought to Wattpad by: PeculiarSimplicity

emowoods205 emowoods205 Apr 07
I wouldn't mind working with him I'm no beautiful doll so he wouldn't think of killing me and it would be fun
When your reading on the floor of the store smiling like a werido
h-e-e-r-i-o h-e-e-r-i-o Jul 24
Lololol I know exactly what rotting flesh smells like. It also has a somewhat sweet and soft sme-
                              Ok lemme stop there before people think I'm crazy...
                              Lol too late....
                              It was my finger that was rotting (cuz I broke it liek an idiot and the tip started to die), not a corpse!
Rival_x_ Rival_x_ May 08
Lmaoo if this was me and he said hang up first, I would've been lol ok and left him on the phone as the call cut off 😂
IllbeRaven IllbeRaven Apr 08
Sai would have Mikaela's eyes😂 (Owari no seraph) so blue...... And red.... 😍😍😍😭😭😭
emowoods205 emowoods205 Apr 07
So far I like this book but I'm going to stop here and read it another time when I'm more in the mood for gore