Rejection Pays A Price

Rejection Pays A Price

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Tamara Rose Catherine doesn't like to be thought of as a pitied, pathetic girl with a sob story for a life.

Sure, her parents are dead.

Ok, her mate hates her.

Fine, everyone in her pack house treats her like a slave--and half of them don't even know her name.

That all changes when one day, she is banished from the pack for good and rejected by her mate, otherwise known as Alpha Dylan himself. Stumbling upon a warm group of happy-go-lucky werewolves only a few towns over, she finds herself taken into their care and completely reformed. Little by little, Tamara Rose finds herself forgetting her old life and focusing on her new one. She is completely reformed into a badass, strong, beautiful werewolf who would no longer even think about letting anyone push her over into doing all their work for them. She's happy, and that's all there is to it.

But will all that change when she finds out her pack has to leave home to save another pack from rogues? Going back to her old pack will be more than a little difficult, and Tamara doesn't know if she'll be able to handle it.

But it doesn't look like she has much of a choice.

True, I had that in mind as I read the description (but to be honest, I love cliches and I love stories similar to this one).
parijata parijata Apr 12
First thought same old, same old, but cliches are actually nice
ElectrizGrace ElectrizGrace 2 days ago
You forgot donuts, pizza, chocolate, candy, junk food...
                              The list goes on
_mweleee_ _mweleee_ Jun 14
i actually tapped on this story becuz i love this kind 😂 its the best .. thanks for writing !!
BabyMamba727 BabyMamba727 5 days ago
I don't  think people fully understand that people can come with the same ideas. like do you know how many times I've come up with something, only to find out 90000 other people have done it?
adisia adisia Jul 30
Uh no i don't really mind sweetie and those who do mind shouldn't be reading the book😊