Sinner | Levi

Sinner | Levi

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Crime lord Rune Hallows is queen of the Underground, number one on the Military Police's most wanted list -- until a twist of fate changes everything. Forced into a risky bargain with Commander Erwin Smith, Rune finds herself a member of the Survey Corps, fighting under the command of the irritable Captain Levi Ackerman.

As she plans her escape, dark schemes begin to surface within the walls, and Rune finds herself at the center of the chaos. With a little help from a Military Police officer and a certain irritable captain, Rune sets off to untangle the plot that threatens to tear apart humanity.

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Previously titled Fragments of Hope

Cover Image: "attack on titan logo r" ( by Mike Grauer Jr / used under CC BY 2.0 / modified from original

Okay, okay. I get what you crazy otakus mean. Just stop saying the same things. No offence, people. Okay, I know. I said two offensive sentences . Sorry. Cause to normal people, we otakus are crazy when they see us squealing out of nowhere.
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Cot Dammit Author! That was the deepest thing I've ever heard!
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Everyone's like scatter in here open arms like take me Jesus
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this is so good im honestly amazing at how well you can write. keep up the good work
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I have never read a Levi fan fiction as good as this one omg THIS IS AMAZING
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I'm going to have a whole album in my pictures filled with quotes from this book