Quiet doll [myg&pjm]

Quiet doll [myg&pjm]

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Rae By lick_my_paws Updated Dec 15, 2017

Min Yoongi is a BJD sculptor and works at his big brothers shop. 
He falls in love with a boy that likes to visit him in his atelier. But the petite boy is genderfluid and him trying to express himself is not tolerated in the small village. 

"This is a save place , you know?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you want to be called a girl, then I'll do it. Nobody's here to judge you"

Jimins face heat up and he felt his tears coming, that started to make his vision blurry.
"Really?" He croaked.

"This is a save place" Yoongi repeated, staring into the youngers eyes. "I'm your save place"

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JustifyingOVALS JustifyingOVALS Jul 18, 2017
When i search what BJD is ( in like 12 in night ) it scared the s**t out of me , my soul almost left me ( i saw a bunch of images of dolls with big creppy black eyes)
yoonnika yoonnika Jan 31
omg i love BJD it looks cute yet very pretty and realistic in some places.
Jessedevilheart Jessedevilheart Jul 09, 2017
It makes me feel A LITTLE bit better.. Only because I'm 15 and the fact that Min YoonGi is my ultimate bias.. ☺😄
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 Dec 26, 2016
Sorry after reading the description I lost the exit. Oh well I have no choice but to continue. 😉