Tightly Knit

Tightly Knit

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Miss Chanandler Bong By kmbell92 Updated Jan 29

Life was complicated for Eleanor Ross the moment she was born to a workaholic mother. Left in the care of a babysitter the majority of her childhood, the girl learned to busy herself with a hobby of knitting before making a couple of friends.

 With her father nowhere in the picture as she grows older and  symptoms of a disease appearing, Eleanor seems lost in a household where her mother, Maggie, is constantly nagging her to seek help.  Fed up with the constant fighting that has further distance her from her mother, Eleanor agrees to start attending a support group to meet others that share her pain and much more. 

Attending the first support meeting, Eleanor doesn't bother to say much as she shyly knits away in her seat, listening to the other stories of the others attending.  However, she catches the eye of a couple of the attendees with her rapid nervous knitting.

 Among them, is Fred Badgely who is attending the meeting with his brother as emotional support. He notices Eleanor right away as she seems set on keeping to herself but he's sure she has a story. 

 Now all he wants to do is figure out what she's trying so hard to hide.

Baylo125 Baylo125 Jan 20
Is this part of the Tightly Knit Harry Potter series? I am so confused. Please help me!
Scientifica342155 Scientifica342155 Dec 24, 2016
This Christopher Branson is probably going to be the new Queenie.
PeytonTheHufflepuff PeytonTheHufflepuff Nov 28, 2016
Its so strange without Queenie......but I know I will love it nontheless!
M00nWhisp M00nWhisp Nov 19, 2016
Here from King Dipping with a Mermaid, after this I'm reading Rough Waters. Not going to get any sleep tonight am I? Hahaha
cocoaholic cocoaholic Feb 03
Why would a twelve year old need a babysitter. God, Eleanor's mother is quite..something
cocoaholic cocoaholic Feb 03
I haven't read the HP version before this, so if I'm confused about a reference of some sort, I hope you can forgive me