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Denial[WattyAward's 2011]

Denial[WattyAward's 2011]

13K Reads 270 Votes 8 Part Story
yolo By Iismiile Updated Apr 14, 2011

Denial is about a girl named Erin who is dating Devon . A jock he is popular and most girls would die to be with him . Thats probaly why Erin is trying so hard to make things work. You see Devon hasn't been the best lately. He has been abusing Erin . Her parents are getting a divorce , her friend is pregnant and a dark secret is resurfaced . All this push's Erin over the top making her feel like Devon is the only escape . His abusing gets worse but she lives in Denial now hurtin herself and being hurt. How far will this go till something really bad happens.

acrossthatrainbow acrossthatrainbow May 28, 2011
WOW :0 you are SO good at describing stuff!! absolutely luv it ;) voted!
XxForgottenWhisperxX XxForgottenWhisperxX May 20, 2011
Hmm, the plot is good. I couldn't figure out where the paragraphs started and ended, so it was a bit hard to read. If you spaced them out and fixed all the little grammar mistakes, it'd be a lottt better. go forth and continue it!
JewelsUniqueWriting JewelsUniqueWriting May 18, 2011
My only advice to to put one space between your paragraphs :) But other than that its great and Im curious to read more ! 
ACRL37 ACRL37 May 18, 2011
Hmm...the plot isn't bad although I would space out the paragraphs so it's easier to read and there are grammatical errors in here but they can be easily fixed with a re-edit...anyway, this story has potential, so keep writing! =) 
Iismiile Iismiile Apr 12, 2011
Guys thank you for all the comments I appreciate sooo much and am uploading the next chapter tomorrow :)
YesturdaygirlTomorro YesturdaygirlTomorro Apr 06, 2011
I think its very good. Flows perfectly. I would maybe break up the paragraphs though for an easier read. other than that keep on writing you're doing great!