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attaboy99 By attaboy99 Updated Oct 21, 2017

Adrianne's POV

This all felt like a bad dream. No way had I really been kidnapped. But it wasn't this was all really happening and I was now sitting in some big bedroom in god knows whose home. 

The door knob turned and in walked a bulky black guy with a black suit on. "Adrianne, would you follow me please?" He asked coming closer to where I sat on the the bed.

I shook my head. "No." 

He smirked. "Fine." He said then came over and threw me over his shoulder. 

"Put me down!" I shouted as I kicked my legs. He didn't put me down until I was in what looked like someone's study. 

"Mr.Fitz will be in shortly to speak with you." He said shutting and locking me inside this room. 

I pulled my knees to my chest and began to cry. I hadn't cried at all since I've be abducted. I guess I was in shock but now that I know this is really happening I couldn't stop the tears from falling down. 
Moments later I felt a hand on my back. I immediately shot my head up from my knees and scooted away fro...

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dyniesha dyniesha Sep 19, 2017
What you mean, you got a choice? Don't believe everything this stranger is telling you
loveme400 loveme400 Jul 06, 2017
Ugh short girls makes me imagine a child or something. Why not do a girl 5'5 and up?
keke87645 keke87645 Dec 23, 2017
Lol fitz I can’t take him seriously cause his last name 😂😂😂
DODO207 DODO207 Jun 11, 2017
I know. I was thinking the same thing. This is too quick. She didn't ask any more question nor try to contact her adoptive parents
Pocketfullofposies Pocketfullofposies May 09, 2017
Wow you really gon listen to this man... just like that.... okay do you boo boo