Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Wax Killer

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Cameron O'Brien By CameronOBrien Updated a year ago
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are back in an all new adventure. Mysterious killings are turning up all over London but with a twist the victims are found with wax on their faces. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on the case to save London from the notorious wax killer.
This is pretty awesome. I wish the chapter was longer or at least made this a prologue. Also you have some errors in your sentence construction with grammar mistakes and forgetting spaces.
I like it so far, though you do have a few grammerical mistakes.
Ooh, I like where you left off -- it's a cliffhanger!
                                    You have a couple grammar and capitalization errors, but besides that, this is a amazing beginning.
this is very unique and some more description could help improve. (:
I like how you started off with the newspaper article and the details that you put into the story. Great job, keep writing. Voted! :)
I like the dialogue!  You did a really good job for that time and everything! Im impressed