Walled City of Divaros: Lucien's Folly

Walled City of Divaros: Lucien's Folly

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Lily Java By LilyJava Updated Nov 03, 2016

In the vast nomadic lands beyond Brennath Amar and the Solure desert, there are few places that remain relatively untouched by the savagery and displacement of ancient wars.  The walled city of Divaros is still among the few where one can rest one's mind and be happy.  Guarded by both its natural resources and remote terrain, as well as a mysterious and covert peace forged long ago in blood and magic by its ruler Kyle, Divaros remains a pristine vanguard in a world overrun with threats.  

Divaros and its people will soon have the grace it no longer questions, shaken by outside sources that may or may not be advantageous to its very existence.  Many will be tested, some will be found wanting, and some will emerge as leaders in a fraught and still dangerous world in need of hope.

Lucien's Folly is part one of the Divaros story.  Lucien, son of Kyle Temedis, the ruler of Divaros, senses the impending changes coming to his homeland but he sees few ways to protect everyone and everything precious to him particularly Dahlia, the woman who means more to him than anyone.

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