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Mama Alpha By Superfruit_IsLife Updated Mar 06, 2017

If the title isn't self explanatory enough for you; 

One shots for what we might've missed in TAATO ❤

(Also thank you so much to nikkijune for the AMAZING cover)

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ViBeMomma ViBeMomma Mar 15, 2017
I've read all books and can't seem to find this. Could you do one where Mitch and Kirstie first start sleeping with Scott and Avi?
InsaneLonelyMind InsaneLonelyMind Mar 01, 2017
You might have already done it but how about Grace's assignment of if she's an alpha, beta, or omega.. that would be pretty cool. Like her getting tested or assigned and then her coming home with the news.. idk
mckenzine256 mckenzine256 Jan 19, 2017
Ok, so I know  already texted you but ignore that. So can we have one where Landon and Grace go on a date and they kiss. (Im not talking about on the cheek)
PTX__Lauryn PTX__Lauryn Feb 28, 2017
Can you do one when Scott and/or Avi get a dog for the kids?
pentalyrics pentalyrics Feb 04, 2017
okay so maybe since Mitch is always dealing and taking care of Landon during his heats, maybe Landon could be all alone with morning Mitch and just, y'know, experience what it's like, and finally (maybe-maybe) really apologize for when he said it was weird? i don't know ^^
chrisstinaaaaa chrisstinaaaaa Jan 28, 2017
Maybe one where Avi and Scott get into an argument so Kevin makes them switch roles for a day (like he did when he made them switch to omegas for a day) well anyway they find it too hard to do each other's job and the forgive each other ??